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Entity Framework: Reload newly created object / Reload navigation properties


ASP.NET MVC 4 application, EntityFramework 6


Unable to reload the updated properties of an object from the database, and navigation properties.


I do processing Post-request for object creation in the controller's action .
The object itself passed in the Action as parameter.

I usually do this sequence

check values
save object
additional actions after saving

From the client side a new object comes "clean" / without navigational properties.
I add it to the context and save.
Once saved, I want to do the extra processing in which I need the navigation properties,
but the problem is that EF caches object and reloading does not update the navigation properties. They remain empty.


Before you read the object from database it must be disconnected from the context.

I got to do it this way:

public void Detach (T entity)
            ((IObjectContextAdapter) _db) .ObjectContext.Detach (entity);

The solution found here
Entity Framework Code First - No Detach () method on DbContext

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